About Netro Electronics Zimbabwe (NetroLab Technologies)

Published on 10 Aug 2019 / In Technology

Netro Electronics Private Business Corporation (RN2198/17) is a robotics, automation and electronics start-up in Zimbabwe. The company was founded in June 2017 by Eugene Kudzai Jamu (Ashesi University, Ghana) and Tatenda Makuvatsine (Lander University, USA). The focus of the business is to support students, experts and newbies with the necessary resources and skills for them to excel in their electronics, engineering or computer science projects. As such Netro Electronics supplies electronic components such as Arduino and Rasberry-Pi at very affordable prices. These components give students in different technology and non-technology fields the possibility to merge their programming (software) and electronics (hardware) knowledge to build practical solutions to society problems. Other main services include project support and tutorials.
Netro realized the pain students in universities had to go through to do their end of year and final year projects. Electronic components were scarce, and the prices are too high at other companies. Some students lack the knowledge of the existing technology which they can use to build practical projects. Therefore, access to necessary learning equipment has been a menacing challenge. As such we are trying to cover the whole country through online services and delivery to customers’ doorstep. We have also decided not only to supply components but also to give assistance, thus we introduced tutorials and project support.
The company’s electronics and robotics components are also sold online (WhatsApp, Facebook and Website) and delivered through DHL all over Zimbabwe. Students also have the option to submit their list of required components that are unique to their project (and normally hard to access locally) and thus can preorder with Netro.
The company has agents in Chinhoyi (Chinhoyi University of Technology), Gweru (Midlands State University), Bulawayo the second capital city of Zimbabwe (National University of Science and Technology and Bulawayo Polytechnic) and head office is in Harare, the capital city of Zimbabwe. The focus of the business is to improve the learning standards of students, not only those in universities but also those in kindergarten, primary, high school and out of school. We believe if we give these students the necessary exposure they need in technology and entrepreneurship they will be innovative and make significant impact in their societies

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