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Published on 08 Aug 2019 / In People & Blogs

Birthdays in Zimbabwe are becoming a problem and I need someone to buy me something at least *Ahhhh* Im tired of being told this! Hope you enjoy this little spunky video of mine. Love you so much! And DON'T FORGET TO press THAT SUBSCRIBE button PLEEEEAAASEEEE

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Well, here is where I end. See you laters on the next post tomorrow. Bye byeee

Wow, you still here reading this!

Are you good though.. why are you reading this

Okay I think you either have a crush on me or you are my best friend....

You still you should definitely press that subscribe button and quickly go on my e-mail and say you want a shoutout in one of my videos coz you deserve it..

Before you type anything in the email make sure you've subscribed and LIKED all the videos too....

MMMMmmmmmh I love you ;-)

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